Lawn Care

Let us take the worry away about your lawn. Not only will we maintain your lawn by cutting the grass and trimming, we can improve the look of your lawn. We provide fertilizing/weed control, dethatching and aeration, spring/fall clean-ups and more. We can even check on your flowers when we are there.

We can help you with regular scheduled lawn care or if you are out town, preparing for an event, or just unable to take care of it, we can do that too.



Looking to improve the look of your lawn? Did you know, if you water your lawn incorrectly, it will actually be worse than not watering at all (and letting Mother Nature take care of)? Over-watering or watering during the wrong time of day can lead to fungus and mushrooms, as well as attract different bugs and insects.

We provide solutions that work for you and your lawn. It is recommended your lawn receives 1" to 2" of water per week. Moving your sprinkler around your yard is a tedious task. Irrigation systems allow for efficient AND effective watering to keep your lawn green and healthy.


Landscape Design & Build

Are you ready to update the back patio? Looking to turn it into an entertainment haven? Or just looking to have something more modern? Entrusted Landscapes provides start to finish services to help you obtain your personal outdoor oasis. 

We will work with you to understand what you are looking for and create the oasis you have always wanted. All with your budget in mind.


Tree Care

Do you constantly pick up twigs and branches? Do you have trouble enjoying time on your deck at certain parts of the day because the sun is so strong? Trees are the best option to block the sun, all while helping the environment. 

Trees need to be maintained just like your lawn does. Doesn't need care each week, but proper trimming each year will keep your trees growing strong and, in the end, less twigs and branches to pick-up after storms.



Contact us today and let us know how we can help you!



Wait...There's More!

Entrusted Landscapes has experience with many different areas than previously mentioned. In addition, we offer:

  • Hydroseeding - Better than sod and costs less too!
  • Ponds and Water Features - Installation and Maintenance
  • Custom Designs - Birdscaping, Butterfly Garden and more
  • Snow Removal & Shoveling - We live in Minnesota, this is a must!
  • Introducing custom permanent dock solutions this Spring 2015!!



“Zach and his team were fantastic to work with. They cleaned up our yard, removed branches and everything else. After they completed, they made sure we were satisfied with the yard and offered ideas to enhance our landscaping!”

-Todd & Lindsay (New Brighton)